About Me

I am a passionate, bike riding kind of person. If I am down, riding puts me in my happy place. I am a member of that N+1 bike ownership category of bike owners. Each is unique, each serves a particular purpose, though there is certainly overlap. Each has its own build personality.

I enjoy matching function and form to the bike owner, I believe you have arrived when you cannot help but smile when you are on your bike.

I started way back when with curiosity tinkering – taking things apart to understand how they work. My first childhood bike was no exception – going as far as taking the coaster brake apart to learn how it actually stopped the bike. I was actually able to put it all back together and it worked! Fast-forward to today and with pride in my work, I share that love of bikes with my customers, and friends.

A business analyst by day, nothing starts nor ends on a good note like riding on my commute. In between, my service work spans tune-ups, wheel truing/builds, small repairs, and a bit of light, custom fabrication to get “that fit” just right. Beyond rolling around the city of Portland, you might also see me on my Surly Wednesday fat bike finding as much dirt as possible.

Formal training wise, I am an United Bicycle Institute (UBI) graduate, as well as a happy alumnus of the Sugar Wheel Works wheel building class.

Come on back as I work to get my stories up. See you out on the roads and dirt!


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